Saturday, June 16, 2007

Comic Books

My first ComicCon is tomorrow. I'm pretty excited for it. I have a huge list of Ashley Wood titles I'm going to be looking for as well as various other titles that I need to fill in gaps.
A quick highlight of some of the things I'm reading includes:
Sam and Twitch
30 Days of Night
Automatic Kafka
Criminal Macabre
Walking Dead

I'm not sure if you can notice a trend in the art styles I tend to lean towards.
I usually find darker art more appealing over traditional styles.
I also enjoy a good story from time to time as well. :)


r_sail said...

You don't have Popbot or D'AIRAIN AVENTURE on that list. That's like the most essential Ashley Wood work out there. At least Popbot.

Good list though, also check out, anything by Bill Sienkiewicz and Dave McKean. If you can find Dave's 'Cages', kill someone for it.

You might like David Mack too.

have fun at the circus... I mean, convention!

r_sail said...

Oh and, I LOVE Automatic Kafka. Get #6 if you can find it, it's kinda hard to find.

EntropicDesign said...

Funny, you should bring up David Mack I just bought his "Reflections" issue #8 showcasing some of his drawings. He does great work.
I don't have ANY popbot yet :( but I have D'Airain and I only need issue number 7 of Automatic Kafka to have all 9. I have "Violent Cases" by David McKean, he illustrated it, and I will write down Bill Sienkiewicz right now. Ill keep an out for Cages as well. thanks for the help! :)