Saturday, March 24, 2007

I slapped this together in a few hours tonight. It's not for anything, I was just teaching myself new things. I like the way the design I used previously turned into blood on his severed hand. I knew I would find a good use for that thing. There is also some propaganda on there. A bit of a social commentary... nothing serious.
Entropy is the name of my design company.
Anyone reading this know how to get the name copywritten? I sent it to myself in the mail, but other than that.. nothing

Friday, March 23, 2007

I made this today. It's ornamental, of course, but I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for. I'm just working on building a bunch of stock imagery for a large piece later on.
Web based designs only right now.
I'm going to post something I drew in class in a little bit.

also, I'm aware of the imperfections, I scaled down, and saved without checking line work. everything is fixed now, ill post a revise later as well...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

the most profound thoughts come to a person when they're in total isolation.
thoughts that on paper can sometimes seem obtuse or unrealistic, only really being understood by those who thought them up at the time.
I have really been living in the moment this past week. I've been taking things 'one day at a time.'
I used to wonder what that meant. To stop worrying about the future and to just live...
It seems like I spend every minute of my life planning my next move, when I know deep down it has already been planned for me. When we analyze every situation, the excitement ceases and we end up playing the whole situation out in our heads, often times coming to unrealistic conclusions that draw us away from actually taking a chance.
If I knew I was going to die tomorrow I would leave behind countless friends, and countless memories. But I would not say to myself: "I wish I spent more time drawing" or "I wish I had made more money."
I would say to myself: "I wish I had more fun with the people that care about me."

I'm starting a new resolution to myself to be the fun/cooky guy I know I am. If people think I'm weird, fuck 'em. I'm not going to be so afraid of what lies ahead. I'm just going to live for today, so I don't wake up tomorrow and regret all that could have been.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

pen name

I think James Michael is a good pen name. Viola doesn't have that great of a ring to it.

Clickity clack clack

I'm bored so i think I'll just write. And I think throughout this entire post, I won't correct a signlle thing I say. See, the word 'signle' shit I messed up again. SINGLE. That's the word I'm going for. Fuckm I hit back space. I think I yped a doulbe you,. This post is really really ridiculous, I didn't realize how much I misees - mess - up in the course of a single typing session.

So what is ther eto tal k about. Stallone was areested in Australia for steriouds. that's not a srurprise. What else... something about Irwaq and a war.... not sure what's goin ion there. Im just readong pver spem headlines here -reading over some headlines0- nothing really worth discussing... This wearther really sucked today. I can't ebelieve i was snowed in. i need to go to philly tomorrow and by some 36x36 inch paper. which is just going to suck... its been such a shitty wweek, i've had no moitvation to do anything, and now im behind in all my work. my taeacher s are going to be so pissed. hahaha... what the fucl. i was suppose to get caught up on this break, an dnow evertyhing ins worse than it has ever ben.

Ok, I'm done whingin, time to get some sleep. or rub myd og til he does...

Friday, March 16, 2007

Design work

Here's a poster I've been working on for my GD class. It's based off of work by Muller-Brockman. It's probably going to get clipped so I might have to repost.

Product of a Generation

Ok, two posts in the same 10 minute span because I don't know how to edit old posts.
I've been saying I'm a 'product of my generation' since I thought it up when I was 14. That's pretty profound for a 14 year old don't you think? I mean, we never know what we are when we're that young, but I had an idea.
I want to my a few things clear:
I'm not a product of the MTV generation. That shit is just fucking life draining.
I'm not a product of the TV generation. I love TV but it doesn't control me.
I'm not a product of the drug generation. That has long since passed me, and I look on those who do drugs with sympathy and pity. Do drugs? Sorry.

I'm a product of my generation. I'm a product of what I've grown up around. Those who have shaped me. What I have seen and learned to avoid. What I have experienced, and learned to never experience. I am a 20 year old man. I'm no longer a a child, a pre-teen, a teenager, or an adolescent. I'm my own person. I'm not shallow or vein. I'm not obsessed with the new trend or fashion. I'm me. I'm an individual, and I do things my way. I'm a product of my generation.


I was really pissed of a second ago when i was listening to Dave Matthews Band, and now Whit Zombie is on, and I'm just fucking mad. The song is Feed the Gods for those who care.

Do this: put your itunes on shuffle. write about how you feel. don't have itunes? why not?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Another good day

I must have put over a hundred miles on my car today, or at least it feels like it. Drove all around, and pretty much didn't get anything done. It sucks, but for some reason I can't bring myself to care all that much. I'll get back on track soon I hope. I need to get some shit done for school on Monday... blargh!!!

I'm so damn bored. I dew a little bit today, but nothing great, maybe I'll scan it in in later and incorporate it into a picture I took recently... we'll see.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sleeping late

Sleeping late seems to be an increasing pattern over these past few weeks. I was doing good there for a while; going to bed at around 1, waking up at 10. I felt good about myself, and now it's all turning to shit again.

I received a profound letter from my grandmother today, saying that everything is answered in time, and sometimes it takes a while, because God's time is different than 'earthly time.' I have always found this fascinating, and simple to understand for a number of reasons. The first dealing with 'time' in the Bible. The Good Book says that God created the earth in 7 days, but I beg to ask: why would God work in a standard week? Time is an illusion of man, and has no real importance to God. He works at his own pace, and we, being the tedious creatures we are, developed a system to keep ourselves organized, and ultimately, distracted from God.

Scientists and Theologists debate that life on this planet, and also the very life of the planet, started at different times in history. Those who believe purely in scientist see the world as they have come to understand it through study and thought, while those believing in a higher power can most often understand that 'time' is irrelevant, and only God's plan matters.

It's all very overwhelming and I'm going to go reflect on things for a while. I'll post more later.

Monday, March 12, 2007

I had a lot of fun taking/editing these.
I wanted to achieve 'cool' and 'light' tones so i edited the levels in photoshop and place light blue and dark blue squares over the entire image. I then set those squares to 'overlay' from the drop down menu in the layers tab. It really achieved the effect I was going for and added some mood to the pictures

here's a pic

Bloggie blog blog

I cut my hair - mohawk style - for a piece I'm doing in Drawing 2. The idea is to draw my face 20 times, in 20 different ways, so I've decided to have a little fun with it :) I'll post pictures in a little bit.