Saturday, March 24, 2007

I slapped this together in a few hours tonight. It's not for anything, I was just teaching myself new things. I like the way the design I used previously turned into blood on his severed hand. I knew I would find a good use for that thing. There is also some propaganda on there. A bit of a social commentary... nothing serious.
Entropy is the name of my design company.
Anyone reading this know how to get the name copywritten? I sent it to myself in the mail, but other than that.. nothing


Ester said...

i think if it's the name of a business, it's a trademark. I'm pretty sure that's the same registration office that deals with copyright. I'd check out copyright in google, and travel to that government site. You'll probably find the info you need on it.

EntropicDesign said...

thanks ester, ill look into it

r_sail said...

Ester is right, it is a trademark and not a copyright. Same deal as a copyright, but you'll need the trademark forms instead.