Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I recently won two awards for the this picture entitled "The Time We Talked About Nothing (implications are subjective)."
I won honorable mention in a Juried Show at my University, as well as the Dean's Purchase Prize award, which has immortalized my piece in Wilson Hall permanently.
Also, I got my picture taken with the Dean, and will be in the school paper. Big day for me considering I've never done work I've been happy to show off :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Monday, April 21, 2008

Alternate Spread


Spread for a magazine I am making in one of my class (body copy not in this version). Title and idea are both my creation


This pretty much sums up what little understanding I currently have of watercolor

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Work I've done

Here's a link to work I've done I probably haven't posted here.
i don't know how to make websites, or have the patience to learn right now so this is what I got... ha

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Child Study

I have to make a Zoo Poster for an illustration project. I really like the way I handle hair...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tonight I learned about...

"the hustle"
Now you may be saying to yourself, "I think I'm smart enough to realize when I'm getting hustled." But ya know what the funny thing is? If you've never been hustled before (at least in person) you don't know what the fuck's going on and it's over before you know it actually happened!
Let me set the mood...
It's a cool Tuesday night, in South Philadelphia, and I'm taking my best gal out for a night on the town to see one of our favorite bands,
Minus The Bear. Whether or not you've heard of them or like my taste in music is irrelevant here, so moving on... So we drove around for maybe 10 minutes (we were half an hour early for the show) and finally, to my dismay, I decided we better pull into our normal parking lot and shell out a few bucks for a safe spot. Everything is hunky dory, and I'm feeling quite good about making good time, and as we pull into the lot we see three gentlemen discussing God knows what, and one of them breaks from the group and starts signaling the car in front of me to pull into a specific spot. "This is new," I thought, "This is usually a self-serve parking lot."
So the guy, medium height and weight, black and in all black sweats and a wool cap (WARNING LIGHT ANYONE? not me apparently) says something like "It's $20 for parking past 12am." and me being the white boy I am sheepishly states that we won't be staying past 11pm, because the last time we saw the same show we were home by 12am. "No," he insists "I know this kind of concert you're gonna want to pay the $20." Right away I'm thinking to myself "Oh he just wants the extra couple bucks for overnight parking." and NOT "
This fool be hustlin'." So in hindsight I remember him looking around frantically, searching even, as if scoping for Po, perhaps?! Regardless... he got my $20. I didn't even think another thing about it until he neglected to give me some kind of ticket to put in my window. "Hey buddy!" I yelled, "You didn't give me anything for my dashboard." To which he responded "Nah man, you're aight" RED FLAG
So I've walked several feet (maybe 30?) from my car towards the other two guys who I initially saw when I drove in and asked them if the guy gave them anything. "No man, we didn't give him no money, we think he's hustlin'." they tell me.

"Really?!" I inquire.
"Yeah man." they reply.
"Well fuck me royally." I sigh internally.
"Hello 9-1-1, what's your emergency?"
"Hi, yeah, I just got hustled."
So me and my best girl drove around with 5-0 (Nice bunch of gents) and scoped out the regular hustlers in the area, but again, much to my dismay, the tree of justice yielded no fruit for me. Oh well, I didn't want to go to the station to fill out theft paperwork anyway, and the Minus The Bear concert was fucking fantabulous.


Friday, April 4, 2008