Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I recently won two awards for the this picture entitled "The Time We Talked About Nothing (implications are subjective)."
I won honorable mention in a Juried Show at my University, as well as the Dean's Purchase Prize award, which has immortalized my piece in Wilson Hall permanently.
Also, I got my picture taken with the Dean, and will be in the school paper. Big day for me considering I've never done work I've been happy to show off :)


Ester said...

WOW!!! That's such awesome news! Congrats, big time. That is so great :) :) :)

Wish I could make cupcakes and eat one with you to celebrate :) Congratulations

EntropicDesign said...

haha thanks so much ester! it also just got into another juried show, but i don't think I won any awards for it this time. ohwell it's still great that it got in.

Thanks so much again for the congrats! means a lot to me!