Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sleeping late

Sleeping late seems to be an increasing pattern over these past few weeks. I was doing good there for a while; going to bed at around 1, waking up at 10. I felt good about myself, and now it's all turning to shit again.

I received a profound letter from my grandmother today, saying that everything is answered in time, and sometimes it takes a while, because God's time is different than 'earthly time.' I have always found this fascinating, and simple to understand for a number of reasons. The first dealing with 'time' in the Bible. The Good Book says that God created the earth in 7 days, but I beg to ask: why would God work in a standard week? Time is an illusion of man, and has no real importance to God. He works at his own pace, and we, being the tedious creatures we are, developed a system to keep ourselves organized, and ultimately, distracted from God.

Scientists and Theologists debate that life on this planet, and also the very life of the planet, started at different times in history. Those who believe purely in scientist see the world as they have come to understand it through study and thought, while those believing in a higher power can most often understand that 'time' is irrelevant, and only God's plan matters.

It's all very overwhelming and I'm going to go reflect on things for a while. I'll post more later.

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