Saturday, March 17, 2007

Clickity clack clack

I'm bored so i think I'll just write. And I think throughout this entire post, I won't correct a signlle thing I say. See, the word 'signle' shit I messed up again. SINGLE. That's the word I'm going for. Fuckm I hit back space. I think I yped a doulbe you,. This post is really really ridiculous, I didn't realize how much I misees - mess - up in the course of a single typing session.

So what is ther eto tal k about. Stallone was areested in Australia for steriouds. that's not a srurprise. What else... something about Irwaq and a war.... not sure what's goin ion there. Im just readong pver spem headlines here -reading over some headlines0- nothing really worth discussing... This wearther really sucked today. I can't ebelieve i was snowed in. i need to go to philly tomorrow and by some 36x36 inch paper. which is just going to suck... its been such a shitty wweek, i've had no moitvation to do anything, and now im behind in all my work. my taeacher s are going to be so pissed. hahaha... what the fucl. i was suppose to get caught up on this break, an dnow evertyhing ins worse than it has ever ben.

Ok, I'm done whingin, time to get some sleep. or rub myd og til he does...

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