Friday, March 16, 2007

Product of a Generation

Ok, two posts in the same 10 minute span because I don't know how to edit old posts.
I've been saying I'm a 'product of my generation' since I thought it up when I was 14. That's pretty profound for a 14 year old don't you think? I mean, we never know what we are when we're that young, but I had an idea.
I want to my a few things clear:
I'm not a product of the MTV generation. That shit is just fucking life draining.
I'm not a product of the TV generation. I love TV but it doesn't control me.
I'm not a product of the drug generation. That has long since passed me, and I look on those who do drugs with sympathy and pity. Do drugs? Sorry.

I'm a product of my generation. I'm a product of what I've grown up around. Those who have shaped me. What I have seen and learned to avoid. What I have experienced, and learned to never experience. I am a 20 year old man. I'm no longer a a child, a pre-teen, a teenager, or an adolescent. I'm my own person. I'm not shallow or vein. I'm not obsessed with the new trend or fashion. I'm me. I'm an individual, and I do things my way. I'm a product of my generation.

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