Saturday, July 7, 2007

Compositional Piece

having some fun


r_sail said...

I'm still reading...

Though, you don';t update very often, and lately it's been a lot of fake band posters... which is all fine and well, but the work feels kinda, uh... several years old... like older Ash Wood work.

It seems like you're looking at what other people are doing, and trying to do it yourself, when you should be doing the complete opposite of what they're doing. I dunno, it's a fine place to start, and a great way to learn, but so is doing you're own thing, and not giving a fuck what anyone else is doing, except to make sure you're not doing that too.

I don't want to sound negative... but I don't have much that's positive to say about the posters. I guess I like your drawings more. I like this piece too. It feels like spray paint and stencils. What did you use for it?

EntropicDesign said...

The piece is spray paint and a horse stencil I made. It came out at a poor quality due to the low resolution of my scanner (its pretty old 7 years or so).
Thanks for all the advice :)
I'm happy you took the time to say what you felt