Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Figure drawing final

I made this for my figure drawing final. The composition is noticeably weak, but it showcases a lot of my growth over the semester.
I started by taking my model (in this my brother) and placing him in a very moody pose. I then outlined him on a big piece of drawing paper. I can't remember what kind, but it's 90lb and pretty nice to work on.
I then shaded and highlighted using conte crayon and charcoal (i like the way charcoal moves around more than the way black conte does).
Then I cut out the picture and glued it to a 30x40'' canvas. From there I used whatever skills I learned in my expressive drawing class to paint something I found to to compliment the atmosphere of the drawing itself. I went over some parts of the actual figure in paint (the hair and pants) to darken up areas I didn't really care for too much.

Let me know what you think


r_sail said...

Very nice, Jim. Showing progress. Keep at it.

EntropicDesign said...

thanks sail :-D

Ester said...

great work there! I really like that background too.

EntropicDesign said...

There is a lot of texture to the background of the painting, unfortunately it doesn't shot up at all. There are little pieces of broken willow charcoal scattered through the paint. There's a lot more going on to appreciate up close :)
Thanks for kind words